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The Holy Paladin Guide
By Polizei Sylvanas EU-RAMPAGE

DISCLAIMER: This guide is mainly written for players new to the class, interested in arena and having a goal to be a better player. The guide wont offer much to already high rated players who have their own style of playing but it can easily mean a difference between a gladiator title and no gladiator title to a lower rated players. This guide will most likely contain typos and grammar errors, please do not mind. Im not much of a drawer, so please do not mind the few poorly drawed pictures.

1. Talent trees
2. Glyphs
3. Stats: gemming, enchanting and reforging
4. Macros
5. Useful addons
6. Setups and teaming up
7. General tips and situational advice
8. Positioning

1. Talent trees

The specs below are merely suggestions, if you feel you can perform better with a different one then I suggest to use it. Your spec should reflect and support your playstyle (if you are doing fine with that playstyle) rather than making a spec reflect you and your playstyle.

In 2v2, your role is more of a partner than a healer. You want to assist your partner in DPSing, CCing and getting the kill.

Spec suggestions:

2v2 Meleecleaver
You want to keep your partner mobile, while assisting him damage the targets.

2v2 Secondary
You want to assist your partner with stunning the healer / nuketarget while assiting damage. HoP is longer CD and Hand of Freedom lasts shorter perioid, you will have to cleanse more.

3v3 & 5v5

Spec suggestions:

3v3 & 5v5 Balanced
Overall balanced spec, you can give out freedoms and make sure they will last long enough (unless purged). Your primary goal is to turret heals while trying to avoid/los enemy team.

3v3 & 5v5 Assistant CC
Same as Balanced, but you will take more active role in kills, cluthing HoJ as often as you can with switches and CC-chains.

2. Glyphs

Prime Glyphs:
Glyph of Seal of Insight
Glyph of Word of Glory
Glyph of Holy Shock

Major Glyphs:
Glyph of Turn Evil
Glyph of Cleansing
Glyph of Beacon of Light
Additional: Glyph of Divine Plea is most likely better choice instead of Beacon of Light (or Cleansing, personal preference) after 4.0.6

Minor Glyphs:
Glyph of Insight
Glyph of Blessing of Kings OR Glyph of Blessing of Might
Glyph of Justice
In 2v2 you will most likely have to assist your partner in reaching targets with Seal of Justice and you dont want switching Seals cost too much mana.

3. Stats: gemming, enchanting and reforging

Holy Paladin Stats:

Crit, haste and mastery are subjected to changes after you get more spellpower. Im guessing haste will outweigh crit in S11, while mastery will probably reach its peak during S12. Currently valueing crit due to talent Infusion of Light is the most logical choice.

Brilliant Inferno Ruby : 40 int for red slots
Purified Demonseye : 20 int / 20 spirit for blue slots
Potent Ember Topaz : 20 int / 20 crit for yellow slots
None of the socket bonuses are bad, all (atleast on PvP-items) are worth taking.

HEAD: Arcanum of Hyjal : 60 int / 35 crit for head slot
SHOULDERS: Therazane enchants, 30 int / 20 haste requires honored while the better one, 50 int / 25 haste requires exalted. Worth farming.
CLOAK: 50 int
CHEST: 20 stats, or if you dont have 3k gold 40spirit / 40resilience
BRACERS: 50 spirit / OPTIONAL 50 crit
GLOVES: 50 haste
BELT: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, add 40int gem.
LEGS: 95 int / 80 stamina OR 95 int / 55 spirit, personal preference.
BOOTS: 50 haste / OPTIONAL stamina&run speed enchants
WEAPON: Heartsong, 200 spirit on proc
SHIELD: 100 int
Footnote: There will be more enchants with patches and their values/proc chances might change. Please consult ´flowchart´ 2 chapters up.

As you want to pick the PVP-items with Int and Spirit, there are only few items you have to reforge. Items which do not provide spirit -> reforge spirit. Items with spirit+other stat -> reforge crit / haste.

4. Macros

Some of these macros are vital, while others can provide situational help. Some of them contain bugs / do not always work, please read the macro explanations. As I dont use alt-,shift or ctrl-modifiers (please refer to macrothreads) some of these macros might feel clumsy and space-taking, I suggest to modify them to take modifiers if you use them.

Cleansing without targetting

#showtooltip Cleanse

/cast [target=YOURTARGETSNAMEHERE,exists] cleanse

I suggest to make a macro for yourself and all of your partners. If you are playing 5v5, you probably want to bind only the players who can also dispel.

Hand of Freedom(s)

#showtooltip Hand of Freedom

/cast [target=YOURNAME] Hand of Freedom

Freedom for yourself without changing target.

Gargoyle Away

#showtooltip Turn Evil

/targetexact Ebon Gargoyle

/cast Turn Evil


Fearing gargoyles without targetting, known bugs include enemy having two gargoyles at the same time it might completely ignore the second one and just fear the first one.

HoJ focus

#showtooltip Hammer of Justice

/cast [target=focus, exists] hammer of justice; hammer of justice

Rebuke focus

#showtooltip Rebuke

/cast [target=focus, exists] Rebuke

BoM for rebuffing

#showtooltip Blessing of Might

/cast [target=YOURNAME, exists] Blessing of Might

BoK for rebuffing

#showtooltip Blessing of Kings

/cast [target=Polizei, exists] Blessing of Kings

Auto pet fear (Turn Evil)

#showtooltip Turn Evil

/use [@arenapet1]Turn Evil

/use [@arenapet2]Turn Evil

/use [@arenapet3]Turn Evil

/use [@arenapet4]Turn Evil

/use [@arenapet5]Turn Evil

/use [@mouseover,harm][]Turn Evil

Fears the enemy team pet without targetting it. Known bugs: DK+warlock it will only attempt/succesfully fear the other pet. It also might not work in some cases if there is hunter+DK or hunter+warlock.

Holy Shock + Righteous Defense combined (Public Enemy 2.0)

#showtooltip Holy Shock

/cast Holy Shock

/cast [noharm,help] Righteous Defense

/stopmacro [harm] [noexists]

/cast Righteous Defense

Replaced my Holy Shock with this one, every time I use Holy Shock I also taunt. Godlike macro againts mages, warlocks, hunters and DKs. It will constantly taunt the enemy pets, usually Mirror Images break sheep due taunting them, DK&warlock pets are attacking you for a easy fear (see above). It usually causes a nonexperienced petcontroller to put his pets on passive because they might screw up CCs if they attack you. In most cases, enemy petcontroller wont even notice pet is attacking you instead of the nuketarget thus reducing damage on it.
Side-effect: It causes tickets and QQ-posts on Blizzard forums for pets attacking random targets. It will also most likely make enemy mage ragequit if he is getting a Poly thru and it getting breaked by Mirror Images.

Some of these macros are plain brilliant and while others are rough jewels. For more macros I suggest to read thru macro threads in Paladin forum-section.

5. Usefull Addons

Almost all of these addons will make your life easier, all of them require some getting used to but you can also do fine without.

They are in form of: Addon : Download link : Short explanation why this

This one allows you to add extra action bars, move them around, bind them more easily and freely and customize button size, amount and so on.

Easy tracking for enemy CDs, you can move the bars around your screen where they are most helpfull.

Easy way to target, follow and track enemy team. Easy way for example tracking following things: Dimishing Returns, ressurections, drinking, trinket CDs and HP/mana bars. Also easier to complete CC-chains when you can see the duration of CC on enemy player icon.

Spell Alerter
You can modify spells from which you want to be alerted, such as CCs, interrupts and ressurection spells. It will flash big in middle of your screen telling who is casting what on what target. You can also add sound effects for spells. Helps avoiding CC, fakecasting and dispelling your team mates faster from CC.

Helpfull, but personal preferences:

Activates the skill when button is pressed, instead of when it is released. It can speed up your "reflexes" up to 200-400ms depending on how slow you are to release the button.

Scrolling Combat text addons
There are multiple around, I suggest to get familiar with one highly modifiable and use it
Scrolling combat text addons ideally make easier to follow incoming/outcoming heals/damage and buffs/debuffs going/coming. You can also make your criticals show nice color of pink :cool:

6. Setups and teaming up

As half of the lower rated people rather play with irl-friends than try to make a top-tier setup I suggest to skip this part if you are one of those.

Few POPULAR and VIABLE setups in current patch:
:warrior::deathknight::paladin: TSG
:warrior::shaman::paladin: Arms Enha Holy
:deathknight::mage::paladin: Unholy Frost Holy
:warrior::druid::paladin: Kittycleave / Challengercleave
:warrior::mage::paladin: WMP

There are plenty of other viable setups and I probably forgot one or two popular setups. If you want to know if some setup is viable or not, I suggest playing it. Some setups work on different BGs, while on others they dont. I suggest to scout Arena Junkies strategy section every now and then for guides for your own setup. You might do something different than others, but its always nice to have a second opinion.

When you find people for your team, you can/want generally pick two kind of people:
1. High tier players, they are the most obvious ones for the most people. They have fancy gears and titles, but they probably wont play with you if they havent done that before / you dont have fancy titles or gears. Most of these players have big ego and have little patience and tolerance for mistakes. If you decide to pick this kind of players I suggest to try following:
-Be their friend, they want somebody who they can QQ about the imbalances of the game, somebody who agrees.
-Treat them with silk gloves, if they make mistakes they are less than likely to admit it. Most of them will come up with an excuse / blame you instead.
-Do not look too casual, dont make comments about how professions dont matter, certain bracket is better than other (unless if he agrees) or when you cant play due IRL-stuff: "Oh I CBA to play, lets play some other day ok?"
Teaming with high tier players is unstable and the team can be dispanded any second if you are not the captain. One mistake with one of these high tier players might cause you to go on their "bad-side" and they might ditch you when they find somebody with fancier titles.

2. Friendly, semicasual players
These are the best candidates. They are probably your IRL-friends or players you otherwise know in the game and get along. They might not have as fancy titles as the high tier ones or they might not be as skilled YET. If you are as experienced as your partners, I suggest to evolve and get better together instead of trying to ditch them in hope of better team mates. These are the kind of players you can easily play along for many seasons, not caring if the setup is 1st tier or 2nd tier. If you find yourself in sitation where you friend is utterly retarded, I suggest try to teach him and help him learn how different way of playing might give better results instead of terminating a friendship due a one petty arenateam. Teaming up with these kind of players may require:
-Patience, they will get there but are probably not yet there and might need help getting there.
-High skill, sometimes you have to cover up for their mistakes.
-Diplomacy, if things dont go that well and you want to play something different, you will have to explain to your friend very carefully why you want to play with somebody else without him getting hurt.

Personally I have always preferred to play with the option 2., of course I have also played with the option 1. players but usually those teams didnt last for long. For example I have played with my brother all of the seasons I have plaid WoW. All of my titles I got with him, neither of us were godlike when we started but we plaid and learned from mistakes.

7. General tips and situational advice

Most of these tips are for certain scenarios but overall they should give you some tricks to deal with hard situations. They are in random order.

-Start with Crusader Aura on every map and switch to Concentration Aura few seconds before you reach your target.
-Use BoK and BoM macros above to constantly rebuff in combat. They are extremely good for covering HoS/HoF/HoP and increase stats / mana regeneration.
-Refrehs Beacon of Light on the nuketarget every time it is dispelled, it is your way for more Holy Power and that way to more mana effiency.
-Dispel CC-effects first from players who can also dispel/remove some other CC effects.
-Hand of Freedom: Save it for slows you cannot dispel, or if you know you wont be dispelling for few seconds (you need to heal hard). Remember you can use Hand of Freedom even while cycloned.
-When enemy has mage or a warlock and your team mate is taking heavy damage, make sure you wont be interrupted during casts. Line of Sight the mage (go behind corner) or fear warlocks pet and heal hard then -> if you get full time interrupt you can easily lose. Save Aura Mastery for situations when you cannot fear the pet or LoS the mage.
-After a long CC-chain on you and your partner is low hp, follow the priolist:
3 HP (Holy Power) Word of Glory > Infusion of Light procced Divine Light > Holy Shock > Flash of Light > Divine Light.
Pop healing CDs if you are not sure you can get him up before he dies.
-Pop your healing CDs (Guardian of Ancient Kings, Awenging Wrath, Divine Favor) in chain if somebody is getting nuked hard. If you cannot outheal the damage, pop some of them at the same time since they stack pretty nicely.
-If you get switched, pop Divine Protection instantly to reduce the initial damage -> they might switch away simply because they are feeling they are not doing that much damage on you. Popping Divine Protection early also ensures you can have it soon up again.
-Holy Radiance with Hand of Freedom is extremely powerfull. Use it to run around pilars for max effect. Best for situations when you need to LoS the enemy team or they damage you hard or when you know you wont reach your team mates range in time.
-Try to use your stun as early as you can: games rarely last under 1min/40sec. Never use it on a target with a dispeller on sight with no better things to do. Try to lure a player behind a pilar and stun him there, he will be out of the game for 6seconds or he will use trinket. Support your teammates CC-chains with stuns.
-Use Divine Plea when drinking or when nobody is taking damage. After patch(4.0.6) you probably want to protect Divine Plea from getting dispelled by going behind a pilar.
-When you face a new interrupter, shaman/DK/warrior/feral/paladin/rogue/mage/warlock it is good to try them out at start of the game. See how easy they go for your fakecasting, cast FoL for 0.2-0.3seconds to see if they interrupt. If not, repeat with 0.7-0.9 sec cast. If they still dont interrupt, then you have a hard opponent. You will have to improvize and watch your casts closely. Remember than even the worst interrupters will probably learn your fakecasting if its a long game, so you will have to fakecast different style as the enemy evolves.
-Drink as much and as often as you can, have 5-XX stacks of best water in your bags so that you wont run out during a long game. Remember to inform your partners that you are drinking so that they can play a bit more defensive. Blowing out partners defensive CDs might be worth it aswell, just dont drink too long or your partner(s) will die.
-Never leave arena game if one of your partners die. It is still doable, maybe unlikely but Ive calculated about (on my personal experience of course) 1% chance of 3v3 game to be a win even if losing a friendly player before enemy. In 5v5 the number is lot bigger, around 20%. Tell your partners to still try their best. 1v1 situation is easily doable, if its a healer vs. healer it will usually end up a ressurection battle (let him cast ress as long as your ress is finishing first). Ask your partners to not release spirit and not to press accept instantly after they get the ress.
-Hand of Sacrifice is one of the best defensive CDs you have. If you are fast you can cast it on a friendly player taking damage before sheep lands so that the sheep will break before it is dispelled. Use it a lot againts team which do not have a breakable CC, to reduce the damage on one player.
-Judgement: Try to get one casted as soon as you can when arena game starts: free 9% haste. Remember to refresh it in combat aswell, it reduces your global CD from 1.5sec (default) to 1.365sec (if you dont have haste from other sources).
-Stealth teams: Check the enemy team members who are not stealthed for their buffs: if there is Mark of the Wild, they have a druid. If they dont have Leader of the Pack its a resto/balance druid. If you see they have a feral on start but the buff dissapers, the feral is over 100yd away from the teammates (on the opposite side of the map). If they have 2 stealthers, most likely combination is druid+rogue but I suggest to check the buffs. Againts teams with rogue getting into combat before sap is crucial, rush to enemy with Crusader Aura + mount and use Judgement/ Hand of Reckoning to get in combat. If you get sapped anyway, have your partners run away from you with mounts.
-Get yourself familiar with tracking the movement of every player on the field. This way you can predict some switches and CCs, and easily counter them.
-You cannot bubble if interrupted, rather play it safe than die with bubble unused.
-Never yell at your teammates or rage about the game. The game changes but preferably your partners dont (their skill might change, but who they are). Being the one who always gets mad after losing makes you unwanted team mate.
-Get yourself familiar with other class mechanics and how they work, dueling zones outside SW and OG are great places to test out stuff you are not sure how they work. Knowing who can dispels what and how is important.
-Fear DK pets often to reduce the damage and to prevent the usage of Gnaw in good situations. Dispel your team mates pets and heal them.
-If you are going to get CCd, why not take the most of it and pop Divine Plea on start of it and then remove it at the end of it when you can heal again. Doesnt work for cyclones.
-Get familiar with the names of your team mates defensive abilities and try to be the one who is calling them out. If you are playing with melees, their tunnelvision doesnt allow them to see if you are CCd and cant probably use Shield Wall at the best time. It will feel like big responsibility at start but once you know when to call them it will benefict you and your team mate a lot, he can focus on tunneling and you can focus on healing.
-When somebody asks for dispel, freedom or BoP, give it to him as fast as you can. If you are CCd/ out of LoS / on CD inform him that you cannot give it to him. If you have some skill on CD and somebody asked for it, inform him how long the CD is (+-5secs).
-Your team mates might be tunnel visioning and might not notice when you are CCd, if you have spellalerter it is good to call when there is a CC landing on you even before it lands. They will get much broader view of the match by just listening to you.
-Do not trinket stuff that your team mates can dispel unless its absolute emergency. When you get CCd, check your teams player who can remove that CC if he is CCd / out of LoS / out of range and then consider trinketing it.

8. Positioning

As we all known Paladin class doesnt have much depth or skillcap in it. After you handle the basics, the only way to really tell a difference between a medicore paladin and a hightier one is positioning, where he stands on arena. As there are hundreds of situations and setup vs. setup situations, I will only try to give you basics.

Why should I care where I stand?
Your position is one of the biggest single factors leading to a defeat or victory. Your position will ultimately determine the enemy position if they want to play certain playstyle. So basicly you can control the way enemy can play by just standing in different spots.

Prefered standing areas
(I will use as example my poorly drafted Nagrand Arena, but you can find LoS objects in all arenas and you should try to convert this simple pictures there)

As the pictures are pretty poor, they are mainly used to make it more apparent what I am meaning in the text.

Green Zone= Comfort zone
Red Zone= Enemy position
Black Zone= Object(Pilar, Box, LoS Object)
Blue Zone= Prefered Team mate zone (depending on where you are standing)


This specific positioning is best when:
-They have somebody with ranged interrupt or CC (Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Druid, Shaman)
-You dont have secondary dispel / tremor / decurse
-You cannot afford taking CC (trinket is on CD, you need to save it)
-You want to play defensive, you know your setup is stronger/long-lasting and you want to slowly drain the enemy
-You might have to drink during the game

Basicly you can see from green area where is your prefered standing area. Your main goal is to have enemy out of LoS but still have your friendly players in LoS. You can cast long heals without caring about enemy CC or interrupts as long as they are not on your line of sight. You have to adjust your position depending on where you team mates are standing and where the enemy is standing. When you adjust your position, it is better to run behind the pilar than running in front of it where enemy can catch you with fast CC. If somebody runs behind your pilar to CC you, it is often wise to use stun because most likely the enemy dispeller is not in LoS.


This specific positioning is best used when:
-Enemy team is meleecleave
-Your team is meleecleave
-You dont have to worry about wasting a trinket
-Your team is on offensive and you will most likely kill something within 30 seconds
-Enemy team is sitting behind pilar/box and one of your players have to follow them
-You want to be easily peeled by your team mates if they switch for you

I drew the picture for an example scenario when enemy team is camping behind the pilar. As a paladin, this might be a good time to go in and stun somebody, but if you cant afford risk of taking CC the next best thing is to be mobile and in LoS of your team mates. You should be preferably standing over 30 yards from your team mates and have your team mates stand between you and the enemy players. There are deadzones for you if your team mates decide to follow the enemy even futher behind box/pilar, but you should keep your nerves and move accordingly. Some times its better to tell your team mate to run back to your LoS to be healed, instead of trying to run behind him. You dont want to prefer this positioning if the enemy team can easily train you (5v5, TSGs, frost+shadow).

General positioning

Always see where you are standing. After each game think if you could have stood in a better place. Follow the enemy/friendly movement and adjust your position fast. As each map is almost a mirror, dont be afraid to switch sides if the game is moving. Use raidmarks (convert to raid before entering que -> mark) on yourself and your team mates, to track friendly movement even behind pilars and boxes and it will make it lot easier for them to see where you are standing. If a team mate constantly forces you to move to bad positions, inform him of that and suggest alternative movement/tactic. Dont be afraid to yell your team mates to fall back, it is always better to play it safe than risk losing your team mate.


So why should you believe me?
-6 years of playing WoW, I have experience Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk and Cataclysm
-Always interested in PvP, Master Sergeant (lol) in vanilla, almost a gladiator in TBC (only plaid season 1 full), 3 gladiator titles and rank 1 in wotlk and currently playing organizing rated BGs and playing 3v3 in top20.
-Multiple setup and spec experience above 2.5k, such as:
Hunter Holy (gladiator S5)
Hunter Ret
DK Holy
DK Protholy
Warrior Holy
Hiroshimacleave (destro ele holy)
HLP (gladiator S7)
Warrior enha holy
Dispelcleave (gladiator S8)
Mms ele destro holy disc (R1 S8)
-I have played on both Cyclone and Rampage.
-Played againts topteams on both BGs with various success.
-Experience with couple of other classes on arena, mainly with a priest and a DK.

Thank you for reading, ask in this thread for more help/tips/tricks/stuff. There are plenty of skilled paladins on Arena Junkies, most likely one of them will see your post and answer to it.

<poliisi mies kerho>

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