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Note: If you find some errors in content/spelling/grammar, post it! Thank you.


1. Talents/Glyphs
• 1.1 Mutilate
• 1.2 Subtlety
2. Gearing
• 2.1 General
• 2.2 Enchants
• 2.3 Gemming
• 2.4 Reforging
3. Poisons
4. Macros
5. New Spells
6. Openers

• 6.1 Duels
• 6.2 Arena
7. Addons
• 7.1 General Addons
• 7.2 Rogue Addons
8. Tricks/Tips
9. Movement and Keybindings
10. Popular Setups

1. Talents/Glyphs

1.1 Mutilate:

• High sustained damage
• A considerable amount of your damage ignores armor

• Very bad mobility
• No Preparation

Common Specs:

It's the pure Damage spec (If you rarely get focused in your comp, this is the way to go)
You can also drop 2 points from Ruthlessness and take 3/3 Deadened Nervs instead.

It's THE "tank" spec (Recommended if you get trained very often)
You can also drop 2 points from Elusiveness and put them into Opportunity instead.


Prime Glyphs:

Must-haves: Mutilate
Viable: Slice and Dice, Rupture, Vendetta

Major Glyphs:

Must-haves: Garrote
Viable: Sprint, Gouge, Cloak of Shadows, Blind, Fan of Knives and Kick

1.2 Subtlety:

• High mobility
• Fast switches
• Preparation (Second smokebomb with Preparation Glyph)
• having a blast, while playing Subtlety


Common Specs:

It's the highest damage Subtlety spec (If you play a comp where you are rarely focused, then it's the way to go).
You can drop 2 points from Quickening and get Improved Recuperate instead.


It's the survival spec for Subtlety.
You can drop 2 points from Quickening and get 3/3 Puncturing Wounds instead.


A good balance between Survival and Damage.
You can drop 2 points from Quickening and get 3/3 Puncturing Wounds instead.

Recommended Glyphs:

Prime Glyphs:
Shadow Dance, Backstab, Hemorrhage

Major Glyphs:
Garrote, Preparation, Blind (arguable)

2. Gearing:

2.1 General::

The melee yellow hit cap is 5%. (7% hit against Night Elves)
5% hit is a must have.

If you want to play both specs at a reasonable level or if you're not sure what you want to play, you should gear for haste. (Reforging, Gemming, Enchanting)

(Taken from here)

Take this table with a grain of salt, they're PvE values. However, this should give you a rough estimate of which stats are good and which aren't.


Mutilate Stat Priority: 5% Hit > Agility > Mastery > Haste > Crit > Expertise
You should have 100 Spell Penetration to reduce the Spell Resistance through BoK, MotW and Mage Armor.


Subtlety Stat Priority: 5% Hit > Agility > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Expertise

2.2 Enchants:

60 Agility and 35 haste rating (Arcanum of the Ramkahen; Requires Ramkahen - Revered)
60 Agility and 35 Resilience (Arcanum of Vicious Agility 40 Tol Barad marks from Tol Barad Quartermaster or 1000 honor from the PvP Vendor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

50 Agility and 25 mastery rating (Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal; Requires Therazane - Exalted)
50 Agility and 25 resilience rating (Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility)

65 Critical Strike rating (Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike, expensive)
50 Critical Strike rating (Enchant Cloak - Critical Strike, cheap)
22 Agility (Enchant Cloak - Major Agility)
70 spell penetration (Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing

40 Resilience (Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience)
20 Stats (Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats)

50 Agility (Enchant Bracer - Agility, expensive)
50 Crit (Enchant Bracer - Critical Strike, cheap)
65 Haste (Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed, expensive)
50 Haste (Enchant Bracer - Speed, cheap)


65 Mastery (Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery, expensive)
50 Mastery (Enchant Gloves - Mastery, cheap)

50 Haste (Enchant Gloves - Haste, cheap)

190 attack power and 55 critical strike rating. (Dragonscale Leg Armor)

With Quickening: 35 Agility (Enchant Boots - Major Agility)
Without Quickening:
25 Agility and Minor Movement Speed (Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step, expensive)
30 Stamina and Minor Movement Speed(Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality, cheap)


Enchant Weapon - Landslide (expensive)
Enchant Weapon - Hurricane
Pyrium Weapon Chain

2.3 Gemming:

54 Agility and 3% Increased Critical Damage (Agile Shadowspirit Diamond)
OR 54 Crit Rating and 1% Spell Reflect (Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond)

40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby)


20 Agility + 20 Mastery Rating (Adept Ember Topaz)
20 Agility and +20 Resilience Rating (Lucent Ember Topaz)

20 Agility + 20 Crit Rating ( Deadly Ember Topaz)

For both:
20 Agility + 20 Haste Rating (Deft Ember Topaz)

20 Agility + 20 Hit (Glinting Demonseye; not Hit capped)
20 Agility + 30 Stamina (Shifting Demonseye; already Hit capped)

50 Spell Penetration (Stormy Ocean Sapphire; Mutilate only)

Gemming Advice:

20 Agility + 20 Resilience in yellow, unless you plan to wear 2-3 PvE items in which case 20 Agility + 20 Resilience in Red and 40 Resilience in Yellow.


It's the best to go for 40 Agility almost everywhere (30% Agility through Specialization and 5% Agility through Leather Specialization.)
unless you need the hit. In which case 20 Agility + 20 Hit in your blue sockets are probably the best bet.

2.4 Reforging:

Mutilate Priority: 5% Hit > Mastery > Haste > Crit > Expertise

Subtlety Priority: 5% Hit > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Expertise

3.0 Poisons

The proc chance of Wound Poison scales with weapon speed and it deals a small amount of damage.
It's good against melees and casters, because it does some damage and reduces the effects of all healing abilities by 10%.

Wound Poison proc chance based on weapon speed:

1.3 Speed - 46.43%
1.4 Speed - 50.00%
1.5 Speed - 53.57%
1.6 Speed - 57.14%
1.7 Speed - 60.71%
1.8 Speed - 64.29%
2.6 Speed - 92.86%
2.8 Speed - 100.00%

It doesn't scale with the weapon speed, it's a set Proc Rate, so put this on a fast weapon
It's a must-have in PvP as Subtlety (Mutilate doesn't need Crippling Poison due to Deadly Brew)

It works like this:
Until you have a five stack up, it will regularly proc from whatever weapon you applied it to (it is not a PPM (It doesn't scale with the weapon speed, it's a set Proc Rate, so put this on a fast weapon).
When it does reach five stacks, procs will not only refresh the Stack, it will also Proc the Poison from your other weapon.

This mechanic makes very potent when used in combination with a Poison that deals direct damage (Wound Poison and Instant Poison). Because it increases the amount of hits from your other Poison it has amazing synergy with Instant Poison and is responsible for Assassinations high damage.

This poison deals a decent amount of damage (albeit only with Improved Poisons, Mutilate Mastery and Vile Poisons).
The proc chance scales with weapon speed; the slower the weapon the higher the proc chance.
Dealing only auto attacks the damage from this poison is the same no matter what the weapon speed is.
Including specials, the damage scales a lot better with slow weapons, as it proccs off of any mainhand attack.
Due to this mechanic it is clearly the best poison as Assassination for your mainhand, but it also makes it a rather bad poison for Subtlety (it lacks Improved Poisons, Vile Poisons, Mutilate Mastery, as well as an offhand with Deadly poison on it).

Instant Poison proc chances WITHOUT Improved Poisons:

1.3 Speed - 18.57%
1.4 Speed - 20.00%
1.5 Speed - 21.43%
1.6 Speed - 22.86%
1.7 Speed - 24.29%
1.8 Speed - 25.71%
2.6 Speed - 37.14%
2.8 Speed - 40.00%

Instant Poison proc chances WITH Improved Poisons:

1.3 Speed - 27.86%
1.4 Speed - 30.00%
1.5 Speed - 32.14%
1.6 Speed - 34.29%
1.7 Speed - 36.43%
1.8 Speed - 38.57%
2.6 Speed - 55.71%
2.8 Speed - 60.00%

It doesn't scale with the weapon speed, it's a set Proc Rate.
It's great against casters, but useless against melees.

3.1 Mutilate:

Main Hand: Instant Poison
Off Hand: Deadly Poison
Throw Weapon: Mind-Numbing Poison or Wound Poison

3.2 Subtlety:

Main Hand: Wound Poison or Mind-Numbing Poison
Off Hand: Crippling Poison
Throw Weapon: Crippling Poison

Poison Macros:

Replace Poison1/2/3/4 with the Poison you want.


/use [modifier: alt] Poison1; [modifier: shift] Poison2; [modifier: ctrl] Poison3; Poison4
/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17; [button:3] 18
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Left mousebutton to apply on Main Hand.
Right mousebutton to apply on Off Hand.
Middle mousebutton to apply on Throw Weapon.

Tricks of the Trade on a friendly target:
Replace name with the name of the target that you want to buff with Tricks of the Trade.

/cast [@name] Tricks of the Trade

Stealth Ability with Premeditation:
Replace abilityname with the wanted Ability.

#showtooltip abilityname
/cast Premeditation
/cast abilityname

Recommended abilities: Garrote, Cheap Shot and Ambush.

Combo Point Builder with startattack and [nostealth] (Add [nostealth] conditionals to every ability which is used out of stealth to avoid barlag issues):
Replace abilityname with a Combo Point Build ability.

/startattack [nostealth]
/cast [nostealth] abilityname

Recommended abilities: Hemorrhage, Backstab, Mutilate and Shiv.

It trys to sap the nearest enemy player.


/cast Sap

Focus Redirect and Focus Kidney Shot after that:

/castsequence [@focus] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot

Improved Preparation :

#showtooltip Preparation
/castsequence reset=10 !Sprint,null
/cast Preparation

Blind Arena Target 1/2/3/4/5:
Replace X with 1,2 or 3.

/cast [@arenaX] Blind

Focus Arena Target X:
It's a fast and good way, to manage the focus targets in arena. (You have to replace X with 1,2 or 3 per macro)

/focus arenaX

You can drop Blind arena1/2/3 if you use this macros with a focus blind macro.
Obviously if you have the spare binds, then it's better to have both /focus arenaX and /cast[@arenaX]Blind macros, but if you don't then the setup above gives you a bit more flexibility.

Shadow Dance:

Activating Shadow Dance on the first use, while in Shadow Dance you're casting Garrote with Premeditation. Saves a keybind for Garrote.

#show tooltip Shadow Dance
/cast Premeditation
/cast Garrote

/cast Shadow Dance

Barlag Avoidance:
Shadow Dance [stance:3]
Stealth [stance:1]
Vanished [stance:2]
Without Stealth/Vanish/Shadow Dance [stance:0]
This macro avoids the annoying barlag.


/cast [stance:0] Z
/startattack [nostealth]
/cast [stance:3] X
/cast [stance:1/2/3] Premeditation
/cast [stance:1/2] Y

While Shadow Dance and Stealthed you're casting Sap otherwise you're casting Gouge.

/cast [stance:0] Gouge
/cast [stance:1/2/3] Sap

A great way to bind focus cast on your abilities.(You have to pick ONE modifier:)

/cast [@focus, mod:SHIFT/ALT/CTRL][@target, nomod] Abilityname

If you use the keybind of your ability without the modifier, you're casting on your target. If you press the modifier and the keybind of the ability, you're casting on your focus target.

Recommended abilities: Redirect, Kidney Shot, Gouge, Sap, Kick, Disarm, Blind, Shadow Step and Cheap Shot.

Focus only Macros:

Replace abilityname with the ability you want.

/cast [@focus] abilityname

Recommended abilities: Redirect, Kidney Shot, Gouge, Sap, Disarm, Blind, Shadow Step and Cheap Shot.

5. New Spells

There are so many uses with this spell.
Avoiding CCs, nuke targets in a Smoke Bomb (with Kidney Shot, when trinket is already down), forcing trinket (Kidney Shot + Smoke Bomb), saving your mates, Dispel protection on CC’d targets, etc.
My favorite one is that it breaks Stealth on your enemies (NOT Vanish)

Good spell for fast, unexpected switches (5 CP Kidney Shot after Redirect)

Very nice spell. With Improved Recuperate it increases your survival by a good margin.

Very strong defensive cooldown against melees/Hunters. Useless against casters that don't have a pet that deals physical damage.

6. Openers

6.1 Duels

Against Casters:

Against Non Mages:

Garrote (with Premeditation and without breaking Sap)
Shiv (for Crippling Poison Proc)
Kidney Shot ~0,2 seconds before the Garrote Silence fades.

Envenom (to stack Deadly Poison up)
2x Mutilate
Kidney Shot

Against Mages:

Garrote (with Premeditation) without breaking Sap
instantly Kidney Shot him
spam Backstab/Eviscerate until the Silence fades (you can use Shadow Dance at this point and spam Ambush instead of backstab).

Don't even try to duel a Mage.

Against Melees:

Non Warriors:

Garrote (with Premeditation)
2x Backstab/Hemorrhage
Kidney Shot (from behind)

2x Mutilate
Kidney Shot


Sprint/Dark Flight
Garrote (with Premeditation)
Hemorrhage (for the bleed debuff)
Kidney Shot (from behind)

Sprint/Dark Flight
2x Mutilate
Kidney Shot

6.2 Arena

Mutilate and Subtlety:
Most of the time you have to open with Cheap Shot instead of Garrote followed by a Kidney Shot, because the enemy can easily run away

7. Addons

7.1 General Addons

LoseControl makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen.

OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they'll be ready for use.

Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon.

Quartz is a highly configurable cast bar addon.

Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft's nameplates (ie. floating health bars) and provides a built-in API which can be used to create your own design.

This addon places a highlighted border around various enemy buffs on the target and focus frames that your class is able to dispel, just like a rogue sees a border around buffs he can Shiv dispel.

This Addon says a clear /say message when you kick something, immediately letting your teamates know you locked a school of the enemy and that your kick is on cooldown.

7.2 Rogue Addons


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