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druide heal pvp

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  • Introduction
  • Why druid?
  • Race of choice?
    • Tauren
    • Troll
    • Night Elf
    • Worgen

  • Professions?
    • Jewelcrafting
    • Enchanting
    • Blacksmithing
    • Leatherworking
    • Inscription
    • Engineering

  • Gearing
    • Actual gearing process
    • Stat priority
    • Gemming
    • Enchants
    • Glyphs

  • Talents
    • Spell hit spec
    • General hit spec

  • Macros
    • Must-have macros
    • Other useful macros

  • Addons
    • Basic addons
    • Extra addons

  • UI preview
  • Special UI scripts
    • Scaling
    • Hiding actionbar gryphons
    • Hiding error text
    • Overlap nameplates

  • Gameplay tips
    • Cycloning
    • Hibernate
    • Lifebloom
    • Tree of Life
    • Clearcasting
    • Pre-shapeshifting polymorph
    • Nature's Grace
    • Soothe
    • Shapeshifting while silenced
    • Marks (symbols)

  • Changes to note
  • Competitive setups
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contributors
  • Thanks for reading

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

Hi everyone, if you read this you are probably looking for some basic information about the druid class. More specific the restoration spec of this class. I’m not super pro in theory crafting but I’m sure I can give you some starter information about how to gear/gem/spec as a restoration druid in cataclysm.
The more experienced players will find this guide kinda lame and obvious, but beginners can pick up some stuff.
I hope I can bring you some information and enjoy reading!

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Druid is a very mobile healing class. It's niche lie in the ability to run away from trouble and prevent incoming damage with CC, or create pressure using this same form of CC.
A druid is a master in shapeshifting, shifting into different forms for different labour, relying on instant cast healing over time effects combined with heavy CC to keep his partners up throughout the fight.
In battlegrounds druids are best used in mobile zones. The best example is flag-carrying in WSG, Twin Peaks or Eye of the Storm.

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For a druid there are 4 races to choose between: Tauren, Troll, Night Elf, Worgen. But which races are actually beneficial to a resto druid?

  • Tauren
    As a tauren you have the amazing ability "War Stomp". This is a 2 minute cooldown where you stun everyone in a 8yd radius for 2 seconds.
    For a druid this ability can be useful to survive vs. a melee heavy setting. You can for instance war stomp both melees attacking you, and follow up with a cyclone cast on one of them. For now you can instant root the other one, but with 4.0.6 coming, this is a goner.
    Another handy racial of taurens is that their base health is increased by 5%.

  • Troll
    Me myself hate troll a bit. It's not that great for resto pvp. The ability you get for going troll is "Berserking". When using this, you get 20% casting speed increased. It has quite a long cooldown, and of course it helps, but I don't prefer this racial over the other racials.
    Troll also reduces the duration of movement impairing effects by 15%. Again, not that useful for resto druids as they can already shapeshift out of slows/roots.

  • Night Elf
    Night elf is very cute for a druid (if you go female)! But aside from that, the racial "Shadowmeld" can be used in quite some occasions. You can for example vs. a warlock who has his pet on you, shadowmeld. The pet will return to its summoner and you are free to go in catform and start drinking + stealth.
    Not only it stops his pet going for you, it also drops all player's focus target. This means you can shadowmeld -> Cyclone, without risk of being focus spell locked. Unless the guy saw you shadowmelting, and knows what's going to happen next, you get a free cast off.
    Night Elves now also give you 5% extra speed in stealth, not that useful for resto, but still...
    If I would roll alliance I'd defiantly go night elf, just because it looks good and shadowmeld is a good tool to have.

  • Worgen
    Worgen has a run speed increase racial called "Darkflight". It basically increases your movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds on a 3 min CD. You can think, "why would druids need this kind of racial when they already run 40% faster in travel form?". Well there is 2 keywords in that question: travel - form. You can't heal within travel form. When for instance you need to run away from danger, e.g. a priest fear, but you can't go travel form because your partner needs heals, you can run away at 40% speed while healing using darkflight. Kinda useful, but, if you position yourself properly beforehand, you don't need to run away from that.

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When picking professions you have to make sure you have a profession which benefits you in pvp. You should pick up professions which benefit your intellect.
Useful professions for a resto druid.

  • Jewelcrafting
    Access to better sockets for your gear. These sockets have a higher stat value.
    E.g.: 67 intellect instead of 40 intellect

  • Enchanting
    Access to ring enchants. This gives you the ability to enchant +40 intellect on your rings.

  • Blacksmithing
    Access to put a socket in your bracers and hands. This gives you the opportunity to put +40 intellect sockets in those.

  • Leatherworking
    Access to put an enchant on your bracers with 130 intellect.

  • Inscription
    Access to a shoulder enchant with 130 intellect + 25 haste.

  • Engineering
    When going with engineering you can put an enchant on your gloves which on use grants you 480 intellect for 12 seconds. Synapse springs. When using this in combination with innervate, you're innervate will restore abit more mana aswell. Also in combination with ToL, you get a lot of healing throughput.

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Actual gearing process
    You should not ever go for the crafted items, just start farming honor as soon as you ding 85. There is a good reason why: there is no spirit on the crafted set, not a single piece of spirit.
    Go do a heroic for a weapon and farm set/offset and accessories in bg. As soon as you get somewhat descent gear (make sure you get it before reset of week) you go do 5 wins in arena for capping your weekly points, if you do this 2 weeks in a row you get tier 1 weapon.
    So in a sheme:
    Farm honor > do daily dungeon for a main hand weapon> buy resilience offhand from AH > play 5 games a week > buy t1 weapon main hand from conquest points
    If you are unlucky in heroics, you can still buy a weapon of the AH, and an offhand with resilience is available as well. All the other items are available through honor.

  • Stat priority
    This of course depends on your comp.
    If you play a peel-heavy comp like MLD or MPTree, you don’t really need that much resilience. You can also adjust your gear setup a bit between matches if you know what teams are playing.

    Me myself, love to get a lot of resilience as it allows you to go in a bit more dangerous spots when you can go for a kill. Besides that I stack spirit gear and reforge for spirit as I don’t need that much haste in my comp (MLD).

    Intellect however, is your most important stat. It influences your mana regen, your max mana and your spellpower. Besides most resto talents scale with maximum mana.

    Besides healing stats it’s also important to get yourself hit-capped and spell pen-capped.
    Hit cap: You can do this in 2 ways. Getting balance of power talent or gemming / reforging. More on this later.
    Spell pen cap: Just take either cloak or neck from Viscious or Bloodthirsty+1gem.

    My stat-prio is:
    Hit > Spell pen > Intellect > Resilience > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery.

    For the theory crafting around this I’d like you to go visit Táng’s guide @ http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=221114

  • Gemming
    • Red sockets: Pure intellect
    • Yellow sockets: Intellect-resi or intellect-haste depends on your playstyle/setup
    • Blue sockets: Intellect-spirit or Hit depends what kind of hit you want.
    • Meta socket: 54intellect-2% mana vs 54crit-1% spellreflect

  • Enchants
    • Head: 60intellect - 35resilience (honor or TB)
    • Shoulder: 50intellect - 20resilience (honor or TB)
    • Cloak: 50 intellect
    • Chest: 40 resilience
    • Bracers: 50 intellect
    • Hands: 50 haste
    • Legs: 95 intellect – 80 stamina
    • Boots: 30stam and minor runspeed increase
    • Weapon: Heartsong or Power torrent (depends on your cash)
    • Offhand: 40 intellect

  • Glyphs
    • Primal Glyphs
      • Glyph of swiftmend
      • Glyph of lifebloom
      • Glyph of Rejuvenation

    • Major Glyphs
      • Glyph of entagling roots
      • Glyph of barkskin
      • Glyph of frenzied regeneration / Glyph of Faerie Fire (nice for combat = 45yds)

    • Minor Glyphs
      • Glyph of the wild
      • Glyph of unburdened rebirth
      • Glyph of dash

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Spellhit Spec
    This spec caps your spell hit rating with Balance of Power, as you know Bash and Skull Bash and pounce are melee, so you got a lot of chance to miss these.

    • Health: 120475
    • Mana: 108628
    • Melee hit: 0%
    • Spell hit: Capped
    • Spell pen: Capped
    • Spell power: 7163
    • Haste: 2.69%
    • Crit: 8.5%
    • Mastery: 8.67%
    • Regen: 2057 (in combat)
    • Resilience: 4083

  • Overall hit spec (in 4.1 this doesn't really apply since skull bash can't miss, however bash and pounce still can)

    • Health: 120951
    • Mana: 109067
    • Melee hit: 3,41%
    • Spell hit: Capped
    • Spell pen: Capped
    • Spell power: 7188
    • Haste: 2.69%
    • Crit: 14%
    • Mastery: 8,67%
    • Regen: 2028 (in combat)
    • Resilience: 3758

So basically it’s melee hit + some minor stat upgrade compared to 300 resilience.

The idea of these 2 specs is all about mp5 basically. I take all talents that give replenishement/clearcasting. I take all talents that increase intellect / mana pool. And mana cost reduction aswell.

Furor 3/3 why?: 3 points in this talent make sure when you shift into catform you instantly gain 100 energy. Why is this so good? Well its excelent to interrupt someone's cast fast. Of course, with less points you gain enough aswell, but, for bearform -> bash you have 100% chance to get 10 rage, and 10 rage is just enough to bash a guy. Now, of course you can use enrage to go bash aswell but why not take the extra points here for the mana gain anyway! This way you can also save enrage for Stampeding roar in bearform to get a fast bash of, must the target got out of range cuz of some stupid slow at the last yard ^^.

Why not take 4% increased healing on Rejuv?: it's just a matter of preference and what teams you are meeting. Against heavy melee teams you might wanna switch the points in Perseverance to Blessing of the Grove. In general I like perseverance more because of the high amount of spellcasters around and rejuv gets purged so much anyways (why is it always rejuv first ... FOR ME?)

No empowered touch?: No, because Im not gonna cast nourish, and if I do its just to heal a few percentages for a mana saver. With all the purges around aswell, good luck having more than 1 lifebloom on a target after your nourish 100billion year cast is finally finished. After changing specs around I also dropped a point Naturalist, I barely cast those heals, but I still took 1 talent point because 1 talent point = 0.3% , 2 = 0.5% so I dont lose that much. If you meet alot of spellcleaves you can switch this one point to perseverance aswell.

Efflorescence = baaad, no1 will stay in it for long + it heals for monkeyballs, it's good in 25 man raids for melee healing or group-stacked healing, but for pvp, it's wasted points.

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Must have macros
    • Powershift

      /cast [stance:1] !Bear Form; [stance:4] !Travel form; [stance:3] !Cat Form

    • Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch

      /cast Nature's Swiftness
      /cast Healing Touch

    • Dispell Party

      #showtooltip Remove Corruption
      /cast [nomod] Remove Corruption
      /cast [mod:shift, target=Sordaz] Remove Corruption
      /cast [mod:ctrl, target=Clx] Remove Corruption
      /cast [mod:alt, @player] Remove Corruption

    • Multi-form Faerie Fire

      /cast [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(Feral); Faerie Fire

    • Spamable ToL macro

      /cast [stance:5] !Tree of Life(Shapeshift)
      /cast [nostance] !Tree of Life(Shapeshift)

    • Skull Bash

      #showtooltip Skull Bash(Cat form)
      /cast [stance:4] !Cat Form
      /cast [nostance] !Cat Form
      /cast [stance:3, nomod, @target] Skull Bash(Cat form)
      /cast [stance:3, mod:shift, @focus] Skull Bash(Cat form)

  • Other useful macros
    • Battlemaster + use healthstone

      #showtooltip Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Emblem of Meditation
      /cast Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Emblem of Meditation
      /use Healthstone

      Don't forget to change the name of the battlemaster trinket!

    • Hurricane (spam without circle remove)

      /cast !Hurricane

    • All terain travel form

      /cast [flyable, nocombat, noswimming] Swift Flight Form
      /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form
      /cast [noswimming, noflyable] Travel Form
      /cast [combat] Travel Form

    • One button stealth/pounce

      /cast [nostealth] Prowl; [stealth] Pounce

    • Stampeding roar

      #showtooltip Stampeding Roar(Cat Form)
      /cast [stance:4] !Cat Form
      /cast [nostance] !Cat Form
      /cast [stance:3] Stampeding Roar(Cat Form)

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Basic addons
    • InterruptBar
    • SpellAlerter
    • Gladius
    • Quartz
    • SnowfallKeyPress
    • Attrox Arena Viewer!!!!!

  • Extra addons
    • Grid + GridStatusHots
    • Unit Frames addons like: ShadowedUI / Xperl / ag_UI / Pitbull
    • Scrolling Combat Text
    • Party Ability Bars
    • Clique
    • LoseControl

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

As you can see I'm using the default UI with:
  • Gladius
  • Quartz
  • Interruptbar

I also use some default UI scripts to scale some unit frames while I got my UI scaled down completely.
I also use some special macro's for healing + dps spells. An example of this is:

#showtooltip Rejuvenation
/cast [mod:alt, target=player] Rejuvenation
/cast [mod:shift, @focus] Cyclone
/cast [nomod, help] Rejuvenation
/cast [harm] Cyclone

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Scaling

    /run PlayerFrame:SetScale(1.6)
    /run TargetFrame:SetScale(1.6)

  • Hiding actionbar gryphons

    /run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()

  • Hiding error text

    /run UIErrorsFrame:SetAlpha(0)

    This is the text like: "Target not in range" etc...
    Warning: this also removes quest text

  • Overlapping nameplates

    /console spreadnameplates 0

More of this kind of UI's is to be found in these threads:
Kollektiv's: http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=185125
Kewpa's: http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=133186

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Cycloning
    Cyclone is one of the druid's best tools. You can use it offensively and defensively.
    • Defensive cyclone
      When your team is under pressure, most of the times its way better to cyclone one target in order to heal trough the damage rather than casting heals. It's not only more mana efficient, but you prevent way more damage than you can heal for.
      During games it's best that you rotate cyclones most of the time between DPS classes of the opposing team to give your team more breathing space and thus increasing your pressure. This not only means the other team has to play more defensive. It also means you can eventually swap your cyclones to their healer to grant a kill.

    • Offensive cyclone
      This is where it start getting interesting. Here you need some imagination and use your cyclones creative. You have to see where you're partners are and what they are doing. Are they CC'd? Are they slowed / stunned? Can they reach the target.

      A player on your enemy team is low hp. None of your teammates can get to him. Here it's awesome to just cyclone him, call it for your friends so they can setup a burst out of that clone(s).

      Aggressive Cloning can also mean you cyclone a druid or partner from a druid with a 3 stack of lifeblooms up. When the blooms bloom within the cyclone they won't heal the target. Meaning the target stays low. After that clone you can immediately cyclone the druid himself so he cant rehot his partner, and thus granting an almost secure kill. A cyclone on the hotted target should be done within 6 seconds windom of the hot to bloom.

      You can also cyclone defensive cooldowns like: Pain Suppressio, Hand of Protection/Freedom, Shield Wall etc.
      Same goes for mana cooldowns like: innervate / mana tide / shadowfiend / divine plea. If you cyclone the caster while he used one of these cooldowns, he won't gain any mana of it. For a shaman you clone the shaman, not the mana tide, you can't cyclone totems. For a priest you can either cyclone the piest or the shadowfiend, depends on what's better reachable.

  • Hibernate
    Hibernate is very strong to use vs. other druid and shaman teams. Hibernating them can be hard when they know how to avoid it, but there are still slackers. Hibernating ferals is huge, and put faerie fire up to cover a dispell.
    You can also root a druid, force him to shapeshift to get out of it, and then Nature's Swiftness + hibernate him, if getting the hard-cast is difficult.

    If you have a mage on your team you can have him attempt to sheep the enemy druid. If the enemy druid shifts you can go for a hibernate or NS hibernate. Also your mage should precast the second sheep incase he shifts out instantly.

  • Lifebloom
    Lifebloom is your best heal overall. It's your most efficient heal that heals for a lot. It procs replenishment together with rejuvenation, but, it can also proc omen of clarity, which is a clearcast. You can fill this clearcast up with a regrowth or swiftmend to get a free heal that heals fast for a lot.

  • Tree of life
    When entering tree of life, you are allowed to cast lifebloom on multiple targets. If you cast it on a lot of targets, you also have more chance to get clearcasting. Seeing as you can instant cast regrowth within this form, you can get a lot of HPS using this technique. Tree of life also makes you immune to polymorph effects which is really good for avoiding those if you need to heal alot and you can't afford to shapeshift to dodge those. The armor increase is also helpful.

  • Clearcasting
    Clearcasting makes it that your next casted spell takes no mana. Apart from nourish, that ISNT included, and switftmend which IS included. But what spell is optimal to cast?
    Swiftmend isnt, because it doesn't cost much mana anyway.
    Healing touch could be, but it's a long cast, so not always that useful.
    Regrowth is the way to go with clearcasting. It's a fast heal that heals for quite a lot. It puts a hot, and it's a high mana sponge spell. So ideal to use.

  • Pre-shapeshifting polymorphs
    When you meet a mage or a shaman team nowadays, put them on focus. If both in thesame comp, focus the mage, his polymorph is spammable, shaman's is on CD.
    What you do is when you see a mage cast polymorph on you (or if you know he's using focus target on you) shapeshift into a form before it lands. This will make the incoming polymorph immune. You can't shapeshift out if it once you are polymorph'd however.
    Best is to shift in bear or cat since it uses less mana than travel form.

  • Nature's Grace
    Use your natures grace procs efficiently. Sometimes sh*t will hit the fan and you will proc it before you want. But try to proc it when your going for a cyclone, or after the patch a roots. This makes it a lot easier to get the CC off with out getting LoSed or interrupted. It is also good for burst healing with Healing Touch.

  • Soothe
    Soothe will be instant after the patch and can dispel the following enrage effects: (most info gathered from this post)
    • Berserker Rage - Warrior
    • Death Wish - Warrior
    • Recklessness - Warrior
    • Wrecking crew - Warrior
    • Enrage - Warrior
    • Unholy Frenzy - Death Knight
    • Owlkin Frenzy - Druid
    • Enrage - Druid
    • Savage Roar - Druid

    The only truly useful spell to sooth off woul be warriors Berserker Rage and death wish. If you’re on a team with a Lock/Priest/Ret paladin you can remove the Berserker rage and then fear/repentance/sap the warrior for full duration (or half duration if the warrior used it to break CC).

  • Shapeshifting while silenced
    When silenced or interrupted you can still shift. Go bear form and bash a DPS to minimize dmg to yourself or teammates (try to use it behind the target if possible to avoid miss). You can also spam shift travel form and get LoS if you are being focused.

  • Marks (symbols)
    Always convert to raid and use marks on your teammates. This makes maintaining your positioning a million times easier.
    As in here:

    ya when I forget to convert to raid and we get in a game I will start yelling "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU" hah

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

  • Lifebloom is now a single target HoT. (So only castable on 1 target.
  • Thorns is now a short CD short duration anti-melee buff.
  • Tree Form is now a 30 second (soon to be less) duration buff granting 15% more healing and 120% more armor. Also the following spells are enhanced:
    • Regrowth is instant cast
    • Roots is instant cast
    • Lifebloom can be cast on multiple targets
    • Wraths cast-time reduced by 50% and damage increased by 30%
    • Wild growth effects two extra targets

  • No more dispel protection talents
  • You cannot shapeshift out of polymorph or hex anymore. But still can prevent it being applied by preemptively shapeshifting.

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

- WLD - Arms/Affliction
- TreeSG - Arms/Unholy(or forst)
- noname - Arms/Enhancement
- WMD - Arms/Frost
- noname - Arms/Shadow
- noname - Arms/Discipline
- Boring cleave - Unholy/Discipline
- Unholyplay - Unholy/Shadow
- Shadowcleave - Unholy/Affliction
- noname - Unholy/Enhancement
- noname - Unholy/Frost
- MLD - Frost/Affliction
- MPTree - Frost/Shadow
- Shadowplay/dotcleave - Affliction/Shadow
- RLD - Sub/Affliction
- RPD - Sub/Shadow
- RMD - Sub/Frost
- Scatterplay - MM/Shadow
- HPD - MM/Retri
- HLD - MM/Affliction
- DHD - MM/Unholy
- Beastcleave w/ a twist - MM/Enhancement
- rapecleave - Retri/Unholy
- noname - Retri/Sub

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them and put them in this section.

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

People who helped a bit with this guide:

Resized to 92% (was 830 x 100) - Click image to enlarge

This guide is not completely finished yet. I will try to keep it going as much as I can. I'm still going to add more gameplay tips, but I wanted to deliver something already for you guys!
But for now, thanks for reading my guide, I hope you got some information out of it. I know most information is daily bread for the advanced players among you, but for the beginner it can be a new light that shines!


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